YPAR in School: Cleveland State University Team

Mary Frances (Molly) Buckley-Marudas, Ph.D.

Dr. Buckley-Marudas

Molly Buckley-Marudas, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Adolescent/Young Adult English Education in the College of Education and Human Services. At CSU, Dr. Buckley teaches courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels including Secondary English Instruction and Assessment, Young Adult Literature, and Content Area Literacy. Dr. Buckley-Marudas also serves as faculty-in-residence at Campus International High school.

Dr. Buckley Marudas’s research focuses on adolescent literacies, digital literacies, and critical inquiry. Much of her work has focused on how adolescents engage digital technologies in their everyday lives in school and how teachers leverage media for meaningful literacy learning in classrooms and schools. Dr. Buckley-Marudas has presented at numerous national and international professional conferences. Currently, Dr. Buckley-Marudas is involved in several projects related to Youth Participatory Action Research in Ohio.

Nicolette Hoon received her Bachelor’s Degree at Cleveland State University (CSU) and works as a Moderate to Intensive Intervention Specialist. She has additional specialized training completed through a Graduate Certificate Program at CSU focused on the Foundations of Autism Spectrum Disorder. As an Undergraduate Research Assistant at CSU, Hoon conducted research within the Adolescent and Young Adult Literacy Education Department and, along with her research team, presented at the American Educational Research Association conference in Spring 2021.

Alla Karapunarly

Alla Karapunarly is an undergraduate student at Cleveland State University in Cleveland, Ohio studying early childhood education. Ms. Karapunarly undertook a research assistant position at the university funded by the Undergraduate Student Research Award where she had first-hand experience conducting original research study. After being introduced to YPAR, she plans to continue studying its impact and potential through another research assistant position through CSU. To get insight and a better understanding of YPAR in action, Ms. Karapunarly worked alongside high school students engaged in YPAR projects as a workshop coach.