YPAR in School: The City is Our Campus

This project reflects the YPAR effort and work associated with the the ongoing collaboration between Cleveland State University and Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s Campus International High School. YPAR was launched in the 2017-2018 academic year, the same year that Campus International opened its doors as a high school. The project requires extensive collaboration between and among multiple stakeholders, including CIHS teachers, CIHS students, CIHS school leaders, CSU faculty and students, Cleveland-area community leaders, Cleveland-residents, and local organizations. Since 2017-2018, we have engaged in a year-long YPAR process with all 9th grade students at CIHS as part of the 9th grade curriculum and students’ everyday school life. In the face of the global pandemic in 2020-2021, we enacted our first-ever remote implementation of YPAR in school. The purpose of this website is three-fold: 1) Explain our project’s history and how it has evolved over time; 2) Offer examples of students’ projects and student and teacher-facilitator engagement from our experiences designing and implementing YPAR in school; 3) Share some of the resources, lesson plans, and year-long guides that we have used, adapted, and/or developed in the process of facilitating YPAR in a school-based setting with high school students.

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